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Since 1948 we are producing cooling cells and cold storage doors, as well as the high quality BRUCHAPaneel panels for industrial hall construction. Our comprehensive selection of BRUCHAPaneel roof, wall and facade panels and the wide range of system accessories creates the optimal economic framework for maximum construction efficiency.

BRUCHAPaneel PU/PIR facade panel premium SELECT - FP-P-S

Based on BRUCHAPaneel PU/PIR facade panel premium - FP-P with excellent structural properties the BRUCHAPaneel PU/PIR facade panel premium SELECT - FP-P-S has been developed.
4 profile sections within one panel construction width and the large range of colors of the BRUCHA Colour spectrum offer new facade design possibilities.



GSP ® is an opaque building element with a glass
surface, ideal for a wide variety of applications.
Façades may now be clad throughout with uniform
glass elements up to 16 metres in length or height.

GSP® Folder

BRUCHAPaneel PU/PIR facade panel premium - FP-P

The panel for highest visual and static requirements.
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Facade Design+

Precious facade performance
for highest design level
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EPD Environmental Product Declaration ISO 14025 and EN 15804
BRUCHAPaneel panel PU/PIR and Fire Protection for roof, wall and facade has achieved the EPD Environmental Product Declaration.

Certificates more

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

BRUCHA positively concluded the certification according ISO 14001:2004 and set a further large step toward lasting environmental policy.
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BRUCHAPaneel Acoustic panel

BRUCHAPaneel Acoustic – WP-A provides a practical and clean solution for sound absorption and insulation against airborne sound, for interior walls and false ceilings, significantly improving room acoustics. Following the definition of the technical and static feasibility the acoustic panels may also be used for wall cladding of unheated buildings.

Reference-projects by BRUCHA

In the references section, we introduce you to proven solutions associated with the fields of commercial construction, assembly, high-rise warehouses and cold store construction, as well as special applications, which are accompanied by photographs and technical data. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

FM Approval

Brucha is Europe’s first panel producer who has achieved, to audit all BRUCHAPaneele panels with PU/PIR and mineral wool core in all thicknesses by FM Approvals.

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